Tuesday, May 15, 2018

FRE 212 Students Post Books Featuring Cross-Cultural Comparisons

This year's FRE 212 class published books in which they conducted a cross-cultural comparison of some element of American and French culture.

Today, Mariah Bowser shares her view of similarities and differences between Washington, DC and Paris, highlighting architectural and city design.

Savannah Hawley also looks at the two capitals, but her focus is on cultural life in the two cities.

Megan Sprague's book, "La joie de manger," looks at French and American cuisine and attitudes towards food.

The students hope you enjoy reading their books!

Travel with FRE 112 Students of Spring 2018 in their Video Projects

This spring three students are sharing with us their video projects from FRE 112. In this comprehensive project, students are showing they can communicate in French and accomplish the following tasks: talk about a trip they are planning to take, the lodging and rooms in which they will stay, what they will eat, and how they will prepare for the trip. They also imagined what activities they would do if the weather is bad or good, the activities they will do, and give recommendations.

First we hear from Bryar Buhlig, who is going to Chicago.

Next Claire Burch talks to us about visiting Glacier National Park.

Hania Crow shares her plans where she visits Paris and the French Mediterranean.

Great videos, students!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Spring 2018 French Recital: Middle Ages and the 19th Century

Sabrina Arab (French Assistant), Erin Allen, Delaney Haralson, Kathryn Shelburne, and Christian Ousnamer (FRE 324 students)

This year's spring French Recital took place on Thursday, April 26, featuring students from FRE 324 Nineteenth Century French Novel and Society and from FRE 415 French Studies Capstone: The Middle Ages.
The presentations of students in FRE 324 reflected their learning about marriage relationships in the 19th Century. Erin, Delaney and Kathryn presented their puppet version of Madame Bovary.
While Christian presented his reflections on mariage and adultery.
Lastly, Hilli, in FRE 415, presented her research on Aliénor d'Aquitaine, as part of her capstone assessment on spoken production.
Thanks for all who participated and attended!

Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Theta Chapter's 2018 Initiation Ceremony

2018 Initiates into Phi Theta Chapter: Logan McKinney, Maggie Knesel, MacKenna Kemp, Delaney Haralson, Alexis Emery, Alexis Nelson, and Alexis Mijares
Saturday, April 21, 2018, Phi Theta Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota welcomed 9 new members in French, Latin, and Spanish. Our new members are Alexis Emery, Delaney Haralson, Emily Hemphill, MacKenna Kemp, Logan McKinney, Maggie Knesel, Alexis Mijares, Alexis Nelson, and Kennedy Ruckh.

Here are some photo highlights. Thanks to Dr. Robert Wells who awarded certificates as Dr. Susan Myers awarded pins to our new members. Additional photos are available for viewing here.
Dr. Robert Wells congratulates Delaney Haralson upon receiving her certificate.
MacKenna Kemp receives her pin.
Dr. Myers awards Logan McKinney his Phi Sigma Iota pin.
Maggie Knesel recieves her pin.
Dr. Wells congratulates Alexis Mijares upon receiving her certificate.
Alexis Nelson is happy to receive her certificate from Dr. Wells.
We also celebrated in the cording ceremony our graduating members: Hilary Alden, Erin Allen, Johanna Alpert, Lydia Hanman, Jameson O'Connor, Tiffany Eldridge, Shea Marcinski, Grace Miller, and Betsy Tucker.
Dr. Myers congratulates Erin Allen after awarding her honor cord and for graduating with a minor in French.
Dr. Myers awards Johanna Alpert her honor cord for graduating with a minor in French.
Dr. Wells awards Tiffany Eldridge her honor cord for graduating with a minor in Spanish.
Dr. Wells congratulates Shea Marcinski upon receiving her honor cord for graduating with a major in Spanish.
Grace Miller receives her honor cord from Dr. David Lisenby for graduating with a major in Spanish.
Dr. Lisenby awards Betsy Tucker her honor cord for graduating with a major in Spanish.
Enjoy the videos of the the portion of our program entitled, "A Word from our New Members."

Congratulations to all our new members!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Susan Myers Presents Impressionism at a Teaching Workshop at CCFLT 2018

Dr. Susan Myers, professor of French and Chair of Languages, presented a pedagogical session entitled “Impressionnisme” at the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Conference in Loveland, CO, February 9, 2018. The session presented pedagogical materials appropriate for students in Honors French (4 or 5), AP French, and intermediate college-level students. These materials provided teachers with a classroom-tested, ready-to-use lesson plan that integrates cultural knowledge with analytical and linguistic skills. The lesson plan begins by introducing French Impressionism in an interactive way. Students use their French to engage in interpersonal oral communication, reading, and listening activities included in the plan. The plan also included additional and/or supplemental assignments, such as research projects, laying the foundation for those projects by presenting to students concepts and vocabulary necessary to address the topic. During the session, participants discussed how to adapt the lesson for students of various skill levels, how to properly scaffold the activities, which language functions to target for specific skill levels, and what additional study topics for which this lesson could act as a foundation. The session ended with a review of the expansion activities such as creative projects.

Monday, February 12, 2018

David Lisenby Publishes Villoro Translation

Dr. David Lisenby, assistant professor of Spanish, has published a translation of an essay by Mexican writer Juan Villoro in Latin American Literature Today. The piece can be read here.
Dr. David Lisenby

Monday, January 15, 2018

Heather Jackson, Intermediate French Student, Shares Storybird Comprehensive Project

Students in FRE 211 Intermediate French I completed comprehensive projects to wrap up their semester. These projects required students to use the language functions and tasks they had learned during the semester, like asking and answering questions, narrating stories in the past, and describing people and places and events.

Heather Jackson, Intermediate French Student
Heather Jackson shares her story, Les Aventures de Charlie Roswell, about a young boy going on an intergalactic trip. Enjoy!