Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Introducing Enrique Granados González, Spanish Assistant 2014-2015

We are happy to introduce you to our Spanish program Enrique Granados González, the Spanish assisant for this academic year. ¡Bienvenido, Enrique!
Enrique Granados Gonzalez
My name is Enrique Francisco Granados González, I am from Córdoba (Andalucía, España) and I am the 2014-2015 Spanish language assistant. I earned a B.A. in Translation and Interpretation Studies from the University of Córdoba (Spain), and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in scientific-technical translation. I love languages so much. Despite beginning my career as an engineer, later I decided that I would like to be a translator and language teacher and… here I am! I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian, and I am trying to learn Swedish. I invite you to know something more about the language, culture and traditions of my homeland. ¡Hasta pronto, amigos!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome, Ying-Yu, to the Department of Languages at William Jewell College

Welcome to William Jewell College's Languages blog for the new academic year 2014-2015. We will continue to highlight our students' achievements in languages and keep you posted on new developments in the department.

This year we received three new assistants into the department. Miss Ying-Yu Huang, our new Chinese instructor, is the first to be introduced to you. We're sure you'll hear great things from her students in the months to come.

Ying-Yu Huang

Hello, I’m Ying-Yu from Taiwan! You can also call me Rita. Huang is my family name, and it is also the last name of Huang Fei-Hong, a master of martial art. So you better watch out! In my leisure time I like to read novels, go swimming, and play the piano. I like animals especially dogs. I speak Taiwanese, Mandarin and a little bit Japanese. Hopefully I will have the chance to share the Chinese culture with you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Languages Department Celebrates with our Graduates

Department of Languages 2014: Michael Foster, Amaya Amell, Yachu Liu, Yoko Hori, Lucie Thomas, Óscar Jiménez, Jane Foster, Susan Myers and Jennifer Colón
This past Saturday the Department of Languages celebrated our seniors' achievements at the Commencement ceremony. The weather was lovely, sunshiny and a little breezy, just a perfect day to rejoice as our seniors take center stage in the Mabee Center.

If you would like to add any Commencement pictures of language graduations, visit our Facebook page.

Allie Lach, French minor, carries the Class of 2014 Banner during the Walk around the Quad.
Bailey Moffit, French minor, happily walks around the Quad.
Ashton Long, French minor, takes her turn around the Quad.
Óscar Jiménez, Spanish assistant, and Lucie Thomas, French assistant, process into the Mabee Center.
Yachu Liu, Chinese assistant, and Rosemary Loehr, French major, listen attentively to the speaker.

Bailey Moffitt Completes Service-Learning Project with the Alliance Française de Kansas City

Bailey Moffitt
Bailey Moffitt fufilled her final course requirement for the minor in French with a service-learning project with the Alliance Française de Kansas City. What follows is her reflection in her experience.

For my last semester at William Jewell College, I completed a service learning senior course to receive my French minor, something I had been consistently working towards since my first semester in college. I was given a list of possible organizations to work with in order to get my hours, and the Alliance Française de Kansas City caught my eye. The Alliance works very closely with Jewell; one of our French professors is actually on the board for the Alliance, so I had heard of it before. The Alliance works with the Kansas City public. They hold classes where people can spend a few hours every week learning and practicing another language; French, of course. They hold programs in public libraries and museums to expose the attendees to French culture, geography, and cuisine.

When I began my work with the Alliance, I worked on a number of small projects. The first program I helped with was a Trivia Night. I was in charge of the questions; a very stressful situation to be in. I wanted to make sure I got them right. I created and found questions on various French, Kansas City, and February topics. February because the trivia night was being held in February.

The biggest project I worked on with the Alliance was prep work for France Travel Day, an event held at the World War I Museum in early April. This was an all-day event where the public was ‘advised’ on what to expect when traveling to France, how-to conversation skills for basic navigation and cultural immersion, and popular traveling sites in the country. I looked up many conversation starters and phrases; small vocabulary people could use to get along if they ever visited France.

About halfway through my experience, I actually got to visit the Alliance Française classrooms. Currently they are holding their evening classes at a French-speaking elementary school, Académie Lafayette, in downtown Kansas City. I thought going to this school was an amazing experience because it was an ordinary elementary school, but everything was in French: from the posters on the walls to the date and day of the week on the chalkboard. I sat in on an evening class taught by Valerie.

The last contribution I made to the Alliance Française was to help send out confirmation emails for the spring session classes.

I really enjoyed this service learning project. I think it’s really important to actually immerse yourself as much as possible in a foreign language setting, especially when you are pursuing higher level classes in the language. I wish I had gotten to do more hands-on activities with the organization and gotten to know the structure of the organization better, but I still think I had a good experience and highly recommend it to any other French students.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Erin Christiansen, Senior Star in Spanish

Erin Christiansen, Communication and Spanish major, is the featured senior star in Spanish this spring. Read her complete story on the Languages Department Page.

Megan Dennis, Alumni Star in French

Megan Dennis, English and French major, is the featured alumni star in French this spring. Read her complete story on the Languages Department Page.

"L'histoire de ma soeur" by Lisa Brune

The students in FRE 354 Twentieth-Century Francophone Novel have been studying a group of works focusing on the issues of adolescence. In their lab sessions with Lucie Thomas, our French assistant, they have developed their creative writing skills in French by imitating these great writers. Lisa Brune submits her short story for our enjoyment, "L'histoire de ma soeur", in which she reminisces about a speical walk in the park with her sister. Like Gabrielle Roy's character Christine in La Route d'Altamont, Lisa learns to appreciate those around there and to learn from them generosity and creativity.

            Ma sœur est la personne la plus importante dans ma vie. Elle était ma première amie et elle est encore ma meilleure amie. De temps en temps, ma vie devient très embrouillée et stressante, mais ma sœur est stable et je m’adosse à elle comme à un mur. Elle s’appelle Rebecca. Elle a les cheveux longs et bruns, qui cascadent comme une chute d’eau en bas de son dos. Elle a un caractère très fort, même si son corps ne l’est pas.
            Quand nous étions jeunes, et encore aujourd’hui, elle avait un effet protecteur pour moi. Rebecca adorait tous les gens qu’elle rencontrait, pas seulement moi. Son cœur et ses bras étaient toujours ouverts. Elle était une porte ouverte, elle a toujours voulu aider les autres. Cet amour du service est devenu une profession dans l’assistance sociale aujourd’hui. Rebecca, pendant son enfance en particulier, avait beaucoup d’énergie. Elle ne dormait jamais et elle faisait toujours quelque chose. Mais elle n’est pas parfaite. Participer à tout la fatiguait beaucoup et la faisait aussi se plaindre tout le temps.
            Une journée d’été très chaud et long de mon enfance, ma sœur a insisté pour que nous fassions une promenade dans le parc. Ce parc est proche de mon voisinage, il est rempli d’arbres, de fleurs, et de plantes variées. Nous avons averti notre mère et nous sommes parties au parc. J’ai suivi Rebecca à travers le parc, sur le chemin. Les fleurs sur le sol décoraient la terre avec leurs couleurs vives. Le jaune du soleil du matin, la rose de ma robe favori, le bleu du ciel en hiver, et le blanc des nuages du printemps. Les fleurs reflétaient les multiples belles facettes de la personnalité de ma sœur.
Elle a commencé à cueillir les fleurs. Elle m’a montré comment les organiser dans des arrangements. Chaque fleur ajoutait à la beauté de l’ensemble. J’étais surprise par la créativité et l’innovation de Rebecca. Elle a utilisé des fleurs et des plantes diverses. Elle m’a montré quelles couleurs et quelles formes avaient l’air bien à côté de l’autre. À la fin de la promenade, nous sommes retournées chez nous avec un groupe des fleurs vraiment belles. Ma sœur a donné le bouquet à notre mère. Rebecca a dit que le bouquet était de moi, pas d’elle. Ma mère a souri et m’a donné une baiser sur la joue. Je me suis sentie très heureuse et reconnaissante envers ma sœur.
            Après cette expérience avec ma sœur, j’ai réalisé son importance dans ma vie. Elle a démontré sa générosité et sa créativité. J’ai appris qu’elle était un modèle dans ma vie. J’ai désiré être comme Rebecca. Toute ma vie, j’ai essayé d’imiter Rebecca. Après la promenade dans le parc, je me suis inscrite à toutes les même courses et clubs qu’elle. Je n’oublierai jamais la façon dont chaque fleur avait l’air d’une partie de ma sœur. Et l’ensemble du bouquet avait l’air d’un chef-œuvre. Rebecca et toutes les parties d’elle-même étaient un chef-d’œuvre.