Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 Phi Sigma Iota Induction

The Department of Languages of William Jewell College inducted ten new members into the Phi Theta Chapter of the international foreign languages honor society, Phi Sigma Iota, on Saturday, April 23. Inductees this year represent majors and minors in four languages: French, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. The faculty of the Department of Languages, friends, family, and current Phi Theta Chapter members celebrated the induction of these new members: In French: Hilary Alden, Johanna Alpert, and Meredith Graves; in Japanese: Molly Hutson; in Latin: Ciara Rucker and Meara Von Malottke; and in Spanish: Tiffany Eldridge, Claire Etzenhouser, Shea Marcinski, and Aubrey Stewart.
2016 Initiates Present at the Ceremony: Meredith Graves, Claire Etzenhouser, Molly Hutson, Shea Marcinski, Johanna Alpert, Hilary Alden, Tiffany Eldridge, and Ciara Rucker
Contributing to the ceremony were Phi Theta Members Lisa Brune (French) who read the selection on the Languages of the World, Jenny Nelson (French) who read the selection on French, Jessica Harmon (Chinese) who read the selection on Japanese, and Betsy Tucker (Spanish) who read the selection on Spanish. Dr. Jane Woodruff, professor of Classics, read the selection on Latin, in lieu of Sarah Crosley (Classics) who could not be with us. Dr. Robert Wells, assistant professor of Spanish, assisted, awarding certificates while Dr. Susan Myers, Chair, awarded pins.
Hilary Alden receives her certificate from Dr. Wells.
Johanna Alpert receives her pin from Dr. Myers.
Dr. Wells congratulates Meredith Graves.
Dr. Myers awards Molly Hutson's pin.

Tiffany Eldridge receives her pin.
Dr. Wells congratulates Claire Etzenhouser.
Shea Marcinski receives her pin.
Also mentioned in the program was Sarah Crosley, the 2016 Senior Star in Classics and the Phi Theta initiates graduating who recieved the honor cords: Molly Hutson from our Japanese instructor Junta Shirai, Ciara Rucker from Dr. Woodruff, and Aubrey Stewart.
Molly Hutson receives her honor cord from Instructor Junta Shirai.
Dr. Woodruff offers honor cords to Ciara Rucker.

After the the distribution of honor cords, our initiates gave short word on their commitment to languages in the order listed in the program. (My apologies to our first initiate for whom I was not quick enough with the record button.)
 Congratulations to our new Phi Theta members!

Additional photos are available here

Monday, April 25, 2016

Students of Languages Participate in Colloquium!

Congratulations to our students of languages whose proposals were accepted for the David Nelson Duke Undergraduate Colloquium held Friday, April 22. The faculty and students of the Department of Languages enjoyed the following students' presentations. Since our language majors and minors often study other subjects, follow the hyperlinks to some of our students' abstracts to learn more about the variety of interests represented by their presentations.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dr. Robert Wells Publishes Article

The View from the Hill this week announced a faculty achievement from Languages: Dr. Robert Wells, assistant professor of Spanish, published the article “Dehumanized Art and its Window onto the World: José Ortega y Gasset and Pedro Salinas” in the journal Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. Congratulations!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sarah Crosley, Classics major, accepted into Masters in Classics program

Sarah Crosley, Classics Major
The Department of Languages is excited to announce that senior English and Classics major Sarah Crosley will be attending Washington University in St. Louis to earn her Masters in Classics. Sarah shares:

"I'm really excited for this opportunity because I have been working toward it and been passionate about it since I became a Classics major. I think that this program is going to be a great fit and I can't wait to utilize all that I have learned at Jewell in St. Louis. I'd like to thank Dr. Woodruff, who has served as my advisor and Classics professor since my first year at Jewell. Without her guidance I would not have been able to make it this far as a student and I know that I will achieve so much more because of how she has guided me for the past four years. I would also like to thank the language department for their constant support of all my adventures."

Congratulations, Sarah!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dr. Jane Woodruff Celebrates 25th anniversary at Jewell

Dr. Jane Woodruff, Professor of Languages and History
During the celebration on Faculty/Staff Recognition Day, Friday, April 15, Dr. Jane Woodruff, professor of Languages and History, was recognized for her 25 years of service at Jewell. Congratulations, Dr. Woodruff!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Chinese Calligraphy Event Photos!

Monday's calligraphy event in support of the Chinese language studies at Jewell was a success! Students enjoyed learning how to draw Chinese characters and xiangqi (Chinese chess). Thanks to Ying-Yu Huang, Dr. Wells, friends and students of Chinese who contributed to the event's fun.

Ying-Yu Huang, Chinese Assistant, assists Jewell students.
Back left: Ying-Yu Huang (Chinese Assistant) and friends of the Chinese program

Chinese chess

Jenny Nelson, Elementary Education and French, accepted into TAPIF

Jenny Nelson, Elementary Education and French
Jenny Nelson, majoring in Elementary Education and French, has been accepted into the Teaching Assistant Program in France. Jenny will be helping elementary school children learn English in Nantes. She'll contribute to the learning experience of French children and she'll gain important teaching skills as well as cultural and linguistic skills.