Thursday, October 8, 2009

Visitors from Quebec in Intermediate French

We had a lot of fun in Intermediate French, I, last week. The students in the course interviewed M. et Mme Robert Mance, natives of Montreal, about Quebec and specifically culinary customs and traditions in Quebec. The Mances described traditional Quebecois foods, such as poutine, tourtiere and tarte au sucre, but the students were particular fascinated by their description of their travels in Africa. They liked hearing about how their hosts beheaded, dressed and cooked a chicken in their honor (and Mme Mance is vegetarian), and about how the only Quebecois restaurant in west Africa served Cheez Whiz on the poutine--a culinary horror in their eyes.

Our whole course is built around interviews with native speakers. The students listen to recorded interviews with French speakers from around the world, then each unit of study culminates in an interview they conduct with guests invited to the course.

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