Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Languages Department Recital

December 2, 2009 marked the Languages Department Recital. Hosted every semester by the Languages Department, the recital gives advanced students in languages the opportunity to present creative works or research projects to their colleagues in a formal setting. This semester, students in Introduction to French Studies: World War II presented dramatic monologues based on historical or fictional characters they encountered in their studies, while those in French Women Writers researched contributions by significant French women and presented their findings in either a formal presentation with PowerPoint or in a round table discussion with Marion Moreau, our French assistant, as the interviewer. Students in Introduction to Hispanic Civilization presented skits based on modern-day renderings of issues covered in their studies. Congratulations to Chriska François, whose dramatic monologue was chosen for this blog for her clarity of French and dramatic representation of Antigone, from Anouilh's play of the same name and to Brittany Duncan, whose round table interview as Catherine Deneuve showed great ease in the language.

Chriska François

Brittany Duncan

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