Monday, February 22, 2010

Joy Mason speaks in Chapel

Last Wednesday, February 17, Joy Mason, a triple major in Oxbridge-English Language and Literature, French and ACT-IN, presented a Senior Reflection. She spoke about the many journeys she has experienced during her studies at Jewell, literal ones to England, France, the Everglades, as well as the intellectual and spiritual journeys. Enjoy her reflection that she has graciously shared with us and a picture of her trip to France. The photo shows Joy at Fort Carre, Antibes, overlooking the Old City of Antibes.

Joy had the interesting situation of not having French class for a year before her summer study in France, since she studied in England the previous year, but she did great and enjoyed her time there (see the post from October 6, 2009). From Joy's letter: "Even though I hadn't spoken or studied French in over a year, the basis I got here [at Jewell] was so good that I felt confident and did well in the immersion program. So, thank you!"

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