Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring 2010 French Recital

The Spring 2010 French Recital was held Wednesday, April 28. Students from FRE 353 French Poetry and Civilization from 1879 performed original works of poetry in French inspired by the poets they have studied this semester. Students in FRE 415 French Studies Capstone: The Middle Ages gave an overview of a cultural research topic.

This year's highlighted students for FRE 353 are Megan Dennis and Katelyn Bennett who showcased their abilities on poetic recitation, their pieces memorized, and their abilities to use notes for reference only, engaging the audience. Megan's poem, "Des pensées du printemps," is inspired by Jacques Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin." Katelyn's poem is entitled "Le choix sage," inspired by Victor Hugo's "Fenêtres ouvertes."

For FRE 415, Aimee Smolczyk is our example of how to use a presentation the illustrates what she would like to express and notice how well she extemporizes on her topic, "L'art romain et l'art roman." In like fashion, Justina Edgar speaks on "La musique médiévale" by referring to key issues on her slides, yet never loses sight of her audience.

To see other presentations, please visit WJCLD's video channel.

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