Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WJC Wins Phi Sigma Iota Chapter Grant

Dr. Jennifer Colón, Phi Sigma Iota sponsor at WJC, wrote and won a PSI Chapter Grant for our chapter at WJC, Phi Theta Chapter #26. The chapter provided money to create a foreign language reading room in Jewell Hall, which houses foreign languages. On our floor, outside the language laboratory, vending machines were originally intended in a small room to the side of the language lobby. This small room was later used as a copy room, but it was now available to establish a foreign language reading room. The reading room has contemporary foreign language magazines and provides students a place to congregate and use their language skills. There is signage identifying the room as established and maintained by PSI. In addition, the 2.5 floor landings were also made into reading rooms with magazine racks, seating, and foreign-language magazines thanks to money from the PSI Chapter Grant.

The new reading room outside the Languages Department Lobby

The floor landings turned reading rooms

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