Friday, September 10, 2010

New Bookcase in Language Lab

New Languages Bookcase in Language Lab

Dr. Jennifer Colón came upon a used bookcase last year that we thought might be used in our new reading rooms (see Tuesday, May 18, 2010 blog entry, "WJC Wins Phi Sigma Iota Chapter Grant"), but we found it may be better used in the Language Lab.

Our Language Lab holds 24 computers equipped with language learning tools as well as audio-visual equipment for classroom use. Our lab assistants who are student workers have language learning backgrounds and can provide homework help. Available in the lab are books, CDs, pronunciation software, dictionaries, games and videos. Some of these learning aids were placed on the teacher's desk for easy student access; however, it became clear that students didn't always realize these things were for their use.

So Dr. Susan Myers and her family went about restoring the bookcase as a week-end (well, two week-end) project and the bookcase is now placed in the lab as an easily accessible display of tools for student use.

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