Thursday, October 28, 2010

Manuel Ríos Bonilla, Spanish Assistant for 2010-2011

Ashton Long

Ashton Long, student of both Spanish and French, introduces our Spanish Assistant for the year 2010-2011, Manuel Ríos Bonilla. Our French and Spanish assistants aid students in special labs designed to reinforce and develop language and content skills from their major courses. They are an important part of our program and we are fortunate to have native speakers to work with our students.

Manuel and students in Spanish labs
                  Manuel Ríos Bonilla is the Spanish lab assistant from Spain. He assists with all levels of classes from beginning Spanish to advanced Spanish. He aids the students by reinforcing lessons learned in class, providing review when necessary, and teaching about the traditions and customs of his native country of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. He accomplishes these goals through worksheets, speaking activities, partner activities, games and occasional short lectures. Most of the work is done through student participation with a lesser emphasis on lecture than in an ordinary class. Under his direction, the students participate in speaking activities or partner work to strengthen speaking skills. Manuel will also often explain at least one or two short grammar concepts that relate to what the students are either learning in class, or will need to know in order to be successful in class in general. Worksheets and/or speaking activities will follow in order to help reinforce the grammar concepts reviewed in class. Manuel will often use games, worksheets or simply short lectures with open student discussion to explain aspects of culture or tradition.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Intermediate Arabic II Approved

We're happy to announce that the faculty approved the new course, ARA 212 Intermediate Arabic II. This course will allow Arabic students to continue beyond the language requirement and finish the intermediate level with our Arabic instructor Rima Jawhari. This course will give the students a sound foundation in language skills before continuing their studies in Arabic language and culture in the study abroad program in Rabat, Morocco.
Rabat, Morroco

Monday, October 25, 2010

Language Lobby New Look

New picture on the main wall from Susan Myers' office

New print on the side lobby wall looking towards the corridor from Kenton Stone's office

New prints looking down the lobby hallway from Susan Myers office to Jane Woodruff's office

New print between Jewell 217 and Yayoi Shinoda's new office in Jewell 223
The Languages Department Lobby has received a new look! Pictures have added a new sense of warmth and interest to our lobby where students like to come and pass the time reading, working and where families come to visit the Department with prospective students. Thanks to Susan Myers and Jennifer Colón for donating the decorative hangings.