Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phi Sigma Iota hosts a game of pétanque

Everyone divides into two teams.

Students trying to close in on the target ball

Chris takes his turn

John show great technique!

Grace takes aim.
Which team wins the round?
Dr. Myers tries her best.

Monday morning was a beautiful sunny, clear day perfect for playing pétanque on the quad. Phi Sigma Iota hosted a game of pétanque, or boules, November 15, 2010. Dr. Susan Myers and Elsa Richardeau, our French Assistant, had fun helping students learn the basic rules of the game. With a set of eight boules, everyone had a chance to participate and the rounds became more challenging as students developed a feel for the weight of the boules and the techniques of the game. We had some close calls for gaining points, and the winners won by only a couple. Great game, guys!

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