Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arabic Area Studies Minor Approved

At this week's meeting, the Jewell faculty voted to approve the proposed Arabic Area Studies Minor. Students pursuing the minor will have completed the intermediate sequence (both Intermediate Arabic I and II) and then study abroad in Rabat, Morocco. While in Morocco, students will study language and culture during their immersion experience. The Languages Department is proud to add Arabic to our list of minors. Students at Jewell can pursue a minor in every language we offer on campus: Arabic (Arabic Area Studies minor), French (French minor), Greek and Latin (Classical Humanities minor), Japanese (Japanese Area Studies minor), and Spanish (Spanish minor).

Downtown Rabat

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  1. From Beth Jaeger, Arabic 111 student:

    Dr. Jawhari is truly interested in teaching her students the language and Arabic culture. Students should be prepared to delve themselves into the language.