Monday, May 24, 2010

Tara Moreland's Service Learning Pictures

Thanks to Tara Moreland who chronicled her experience in service learning for SPA 211. She sent us her pictures used in a PowerPoint report showing her work (and a classmate's) with English-learning students at Second Baptist Church, Liberty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WJC Wins Phi Sigma Iota Chapter Grant

Dr. Jennifer Colón, Phi Sigma Iota sponsor at WJC, wrote and won a PSI Chapter Grant for our chapter at WJC, Phi Theta Chapter #26. The chapter provided money to create a foreign language reading room in Jewell Hall, which houses foreign languages. On our floor, outside the language laboratory, vending machines were originally intended in a small room to the side of the language lobby. This small room was later used as a copy room, but it was now available to establish a foreign language reading room. The reading room has contemporary foreign language magazines and provides students a place to congregate and use their language skills. There is signage identifying the room as established and maintained by PSI. In addition, the 2.5 floor landings were also made into reading rooms with magazine racks, seating, and foreign-language magazines thanks to money from the PSI Chapter Grant.

The new reading room outside the Languages Department Lobby

The floor landings turned reading rooms

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phi Sigma Iota Induction Spring 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010, the Languages Department hosted the 2010 Initiation of five new members into our chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society.
Congratulations to our new members, Aindrea Early (Spanish), Alexander Hart (Spanish), Sarah Hodson (Spanish), Jessica Shanks (Spanish) and Aimee Smolczyk (French). The ceremony was hosted by the sponsor of PSI, Dr. Jennifer Colón. Present at this year's ceremony were Aindrea, Dr. Kathleen Tacelosky presenting, and Aimee, Dr. Susan Myers presenting. Our new members were welcomes by the current chapter president, Julie Boshae. Both Aindrea and Aimee spoke to us about their language (see below). Alexander Hart, who could not be with us on Saturday, shared with us later, "My language studies have opened my mind and increased my continuing interest in learning about and communicating with other cultures. Language is fascinating and I will continue to strive to learn more languages and about more cultures as my career develops." Thank you, too, Alex, for the great picture!

Friday, May 7, 2010

FRE 353 French Poetry and Civilization of the 19th and 20th Centuries

The students of FRE 353 French Poetry and Civilization have had a great year exploring the richness of French culture since the Revolution. They have seen everything from the French Revolution to present-day issues in education, government and society. There is something for every student according to their interests, history, the arts (architecture, sculpture, painting), technological and scientific advances, music, philosophy, literature, and social change. In our literary studies, we cover poetry from the Romantic period, Symbolism, Parnasse of the 19th century to the contemporary poetry and the poets of the Négritude movement in the 20th century. Students become acquainted with the historical setting of the poetry and how to analyze poetry in a series of compositions focusing on different aspects of poetic study, becoming more and more independent in their work. In French lab, these students practice elocution and recitation with their French assistant, Marion. They also had opportunity to develop creative writing skills in French, writing imitations of some of the great poets. FRE 353 students share their creative work in their Recital and explain their inspiration.

Katelyn Bennett shares her poem, "Le choix sage" below. She writes of her inpsiration: "Vous pouvez deviner l'inspiration pour ce poème. Nous avons tous été dans cette situation, si pas exactement le même, du moins une situation similaire. Je me souviens très bien d'un jour d'été dans mon enfance quand j'ai été traumatisée par mon cône de glace fondu. Il est tombé sur le trottoir et cela était la fin. Il a fondu si rapidement et je n'étais pas capable de l'apprécier. Depuis ce jour, je suis encore toujours prudente comment je commande ma glace. Si c'est un jour chaud d'été, j'évite d'ordinaire le cône."

Le choix sage
Le désordre collant et doux. S'écoule le long de mon bras. Sur ma robe d'été va de désordre douceur collante. Mais ce n'est pas votre faute, mon cher cône de glace. La chaleur d'été vous fait fondre rapidement. Sur le trottoir. Vous avez fait un splllaaattttt. Cône cassé. Coeur cassé. Sans ma glace. Quelle sensation horrible! Peut-être la prochaine fois au lieu d'un cône, je demanderai une coupe.

Diana Ranchal, our Spanish assistant who also speaks French, submitted her poem for posting as well. "Soleil d'hiver" takes its inspiration from Jacques Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin."

Soleil d'hiver

Aussi, les mains dans le giron
un couple regarde l'horizon
en silence.

Le soleil perce les nuages moelleux
doux comme des rêves adolescentes,
et clapote dans les flaques.

La journée s'écoule paisiblement
au son de la mélodie hivernale
qui peint de gris la terre virginale.

Aussi, les mains dans le giron,
leurs regards se croissent pour un instant:
des coeurs qui battent l'unisson.

La neige est en feu pendant les crépulscules d'hiver

FRE 114 Accelerated Beginning French

Congratulations to the students of FRE 114, Accelerated Beginning French. These students have finished an entire beginning year curriculum in just one semester. Most have had two years of high school French, but some are experienced language learners in Spanish who were brave enough to try picking up a new language using their language learning skills from Spanish. Thankfully, they have had the advantage of working with Marion, our French assistant, who does review work, cultural topics and readings with all 114 students. Our 114 students generally go on to the intermediate level with a better foundation and greater sense of confidence about their French studies after this course. While we move quickly at the beginning, those students who have truly applied themselves and have worked hard feel a great sense of accomplishment when they catch up to the second semester beginning students!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring 2010 Recital-Edgar.AVI

Spring 2010 Recital-Smolczyk 1.AVI

Spring 2010 Recital-Bennett.AVI

Spring 2010 Recital-Dennis.AVI

Spring 2010 French Recital

The Spring 2010 French Recital was held Wednesday, April 28. Students from FRE 353 French Poetry and Civilization from 1879 performed original works of poetry in French inspired by the poets they have studied this semester. Students in FRE 415 French Studies Capstone: The Middle Ages gave an overview of a cultural research topic.

This year's highlighted students for FRE 353 are Megan Dennis and Katelyn Bennett who showcased their abilities on poetic recitation, their pieces memorized, and their abilities to use notes for reference only, engaging the audience. Megan's poem, "Des pensées du printemps," is inspired by Jacques Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin." Katelyn's poem is entitled "Le choix sage," inspired by Victor Hugo's "Fenêtres ouvertes."

For FRE 415, Aimee Smolczyk is our example of how to use a presentation the illustrates what she would like to express and notice how well she extemporizes on her topic, "L'art romain et l'art roman." In like fashion, Justina Edgar speaks on "La musique médiévale" by referring to key issues on her slides, yet never loses sight of her audience.

To see other presentations, please visit WJCLD's video channel.