Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Technology in Languages Seminar Room in Jewell Hall

Students of FRE 315 in Jewell 212
    Last year, the Languages faculty was awarded an Integrating Digital Resources Grant, resulting from our participation in the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Symposium in order to give access to media resources in Jewell 212, the Languages seminar room located in Jewell Hall, home of the Languages Department. Students in French and Classics seminar classes will now benefit from media-supported lessons and discussions without having to meet in over-sized rooms. The newly equipped space will provide a more intimate classroom for courses such as FRE 315 Introduction to French Studies and FRE 320 French Women Writers, which typically enroll 6-10 students. This semester, FRE 315 students will enjoy speeches, songs, videos, films, documentaries, virtual tours and other audio-visual materials as part of their course of study, encouraging engagement with the material and participation in oral expression activities and discussions that can be intimidating in an overwhelming space. Thanks to the students of FRE 315 this fall for accepting to be featured in the blog posting!

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