Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Intermediate French Students Present Cultural Themes

Michael Foster, our new assistant professor of French, reports on the work of his students in Intermediate French I class.

In the Intermediate French class (FRE 211) this semester, we covered lots of cultural material dealing with food, art, music, literature, history, sports, and politics. The students have a weekly discussion lab component for the class where they discuss these items with the French language assistant. For their final project, each lab group decided on a particular theme in French culture that they wanted to research and present to the their peers. The first lab group chose to focus on local cuisine for the different regions in France. Appropriately enough, they brought croissants and citronade in for the class to enjoy. The second lab group focused on French art, architecture, and sports.  They presented on various landmarks, musuems, and sports teams in France. It was apparent that both groups learned new and interesting facts about French culture and society.
Dr. Foster's FRE 211 students

Dr. Foster's FRE 211 students

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