Monday, February 4, 2013

Chinese 111 Elementary Chinese Students Enjoy Cultural Activities

Last fall, the students in Ms. Yachu Liu's CHI 111 Elementary Chinese I class enjoyed a variety of cultural activities.

October 27, 2012, the class had a great time enjoying "Dim Sum," a way of preparing food in small portions. Some special dishes on the lunch table were chicken feet, taro cake, barbecue pork bun and others.
Chinese Cuisine

CHI 111 Students at a Chinese Table

November 14, 2012, the students participated in Jewell's 2012 International Night, a cultural event in which international representatives presented items of cultural significance of their home country, including Taiwan and China. CHI 111 students experienced interesting Chinese culture, including tasting traditional Chinese food, like "Jiaozi" (dumplings), learning popular Taiwanese night market culture and some fun facts of China.

Yachu Liu Presents at International Night

CHI 111 Students at International Night

December 12, 2012, CHI 111 students wrapped up the fall semester with 10-minute skits. Each group performed the skits with great creativity by using props, singing Chinese songs and adding interesting plot.
CHI 111 Students Celebrating their Final Skit Day

CHI 111 Final Skit Performers

Congratulations to our first CHI 111 class at Jewell and best wishes for their continued success this spring!