Friday, March 15, 2013

Students Enjoy Renovated Language Lab

Renovated Language Lab
January was a busy month of renovation for Jewell Hall when Jewell 203, the room housing the language lab, was repainted, cleaned up and supplied with new furnishings and equipment thanks to a Leaning Environments Grant whose goal was to renovate learning spaces. The new lab was finished just in time to open for spring semester. From 9 am to approximately 5:30 during the school work, students may use the lab during open hours to work with a language assistant or a lab assistant for conversation, speaking tests, homework help or composition support. Sometimes they prefer to work individually here, since the atmosphere and furnishings are so much more welcoming and comfortable. The language assistants now hold their lab sections that support language courses in the new space and the response has been favorable. Here are a few photos showing the new lab in use.

A lab session for FRE 353 Poetry and Civilization in which students are both working at computers or using the conversation area for work on elocution and recitation for their poetry class.

Students utilizing the lab during open hours with the help of our two language assistants, Carlos Peral-Dorado (Spanish) and Nicolas Clercy (French).

A lab session for SPA 330 Hispanic Civilization and Literature in which students are viewing a short video in the conversation area in preparation for discussion module.

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