Friday, May 10, 2013

Beginning Japanese Students Enjoy Cultural Event in Class

This past week students in Ms. Ai Namima's JPN 112 Beginning Japanese I class enjoyed cultural events.
Ms Ai Namima, Japanese instructor at Jewell

Ns. Namima explains: "Before the culture class, students learnt how Japanese names are created. Each Kanji (Chinese characters) has each meaning and Japanese people name their children with wishing how they want their children to be. Also each kanji determines the pronunciation of how to read the name. So, JPN112 students chose kanji using their creativity and apply that to Japanese calligraphy."

Practicing calligraphy

JPN 112 students showing their work
 "At the same time, we made Japanese rice ball, which we call 'onigiri.' There are different seasonings that people in the U.S. do not see or eat usually. We tried to make it in traditional triangle shape, and some of the students made it into Panda onigiri."
Making traditionally-shaped onigiri
A panda onigiri

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