Monday, May 13, 2013

French Program Refines Assessment Rubrics Inspired by CEFR Standards

The French Program has been piloting rubrics inspired by CEFR standards in all of its upper division courses this year. Since the blog post of 9/12/2012, certain rubrics needed updating for use in the 2013-14 academic year.

From trial and error, the assessment rubric for the dissertation explicative now has the style standards incorporated in the linguistic function rubrics, which cleared up some misunderstandings and kept style from outweighing the intellectual task. It also became obvious that having descriptions for introductions and conclusions separate from the organization structure descriptions gave too much weight to organization. Given that these are very important areas and ones students need to work on, the descriptions were included in the same standard description, rather than deleted.
CEFR-inspired assessment rubric for writing
Another change involved the speaking rubrics for recitals and presentations under the description for delivery. Rather than separating each description, these were placed into one, in order to more evenly weigh linguistic and intellectual tasks, the quality of French with delivery.
CEFR-inspired assessment rubric for recitals with creative pieces

CEFR-inspired assessment rubric for inquiry/research in-class presentations
The students have found that using achievement standards to be very rewarding as well as useful when understanding placement into and grading used in study abroad programs. It has proven to be a way to better integrate courses abroad with work done at Jewell.

This spring the instructor of French 114 piloted the assessment rubrics tailored to the beginning level. These have proven to be very easy to use and the students quickly understood their significance as measures of competency in language skills. At this level, A2 descriptions were considered "meeting" the expectations of the class (or a B on the assignment), B1 descriptions "exceeding" expectations (or an A on the assignment).
Beginning French assessment rubric for interpersonal communication (speaking)

Beginning French assessment rubric for compositional writing
Next year, the intermediate French classes will be introduced to the CEFR descriptions. At this level, the B1 descriptions "meet" expectations and B2 descriptions "exceed" expectations. This will fit in a coherent fashion with the 300-level in which B2 descriptions "meet" expectations" and C1/C2 descriptions "exceed" expectations.

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