Thursday, May 23, 2013

Languages Department Celebrates with our Graduates

Department of Languages 2013: Carlos Peral, Amaya Amaya, Yachu Liu, Jennifer Colón, Ai Namima, Susan Myers, Michael Foster, Jane Woodruff and Nicholas Clercy

This past Saturday the Languages Department celebrated our seniors' achievements at the Commencement ceremony. Although a hot and steamy day, it was also a day to rejoice as our seniors in languages walk across the platform and shake the President's hand.

If you would like to add any Commencement pictures of language graduates, visit our Facebook page.

Kristin Eaves, minor in French, poses for her graduation picture

Chriska François and Nyasha Firnhaber, minors in French, await the procession

Cynthia Hartwell, major in Spanish Education, celebrates her achievements

Ai Namima, instructor of Japanese and major in Business Communication, celebrates with Paige Bolduc, minor in Japanese Area Studies

Ashton Wells, major in French, taking her senior walk around the Quad

Nicholas Clercy, French Assistant, and Carlos Peral, Spanish Assistant participate in Commencement, receiving Certificates of Successful Study Abroad

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