Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dr. Amaya Amell Speaks on International Law

Dr. Amaya Amell
Dr. Amaya Amell, assistant professor of Spanish, spoke at two conferences this semester. In this blog she talks about her research into the subject of international law.

“The Theory of International Law and Cultural Exchange on the Conquest of the Americas” presented at the 33rd Annual Romance Languages Conference at the University of Cincinnati addressed  the evolution of the theory of international law and cultural exchange during the conquest of the Americas. I highlighted here a prominent scholar of the School of Salamanca that addressed this conflictive relationship extensively and was hailed by many as one of the primary founders of international law, Fray Francisco de Vitoria. I spoke about his (revolutionary at the time) ideas/readings and how these served to introduce the theory of an international community and how many of these theories can still be seen at work even today, for example in the United Nations and in the Constitution of the United States.

At the ALDEUU (Spanish Professionals in America) annual international conference in St. Augustine, Fla, I presented “Just War: From Saint Augustine to Francisco de Vitoria.” This paper questioned the presence of the fundamental principles of the theory of international law and just war, which have remained intact throughout its evolution.  Have we not been able to learn from history’s lessons and are we still making the same mistakes with the same mentality that existed in the philosophical and political processes of antiquity and the sixteenth century? Has any further development of this theory been halted? Or are these fundamental principles so vital to the whole theory of law and war that they can never be replaced? I spoke here at length about St. Augustine's concept of just war and how many of the theories he set forth are still intact today, and in what way. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chinese Students Enjoy a Trip to the Asian Market

Students of Chinese at the Market

Yachu Liu, our instructor in Chinese, took her beginning and intermediate students to the Asian Market for a language and cultural activity.
Yachu Liu, Instructor of Chinese at Jewell
 Yachu recounts, "We had a great time having a scavenger game there. Students were divided into groups. Every group had a list of items with English names. They had to figure out the Chinese names and the prices of specific items."
Students of Chinese at the Market
"After the game, the winners had the privilege of choosing what special food they wanted to try. We shared a meal together. They also practiced how to order in Chinese as well."
Students Trying Chinese Foods

Monday, October 21, 2013

French Movie Night Presents "Le Petit Nicolas"

On Thursday, October 17th, 2013 students studying French at William Jewell College had a French movie and food night. They watched Le petit Nicolas (2009) directed by Laurent Tirard. This movie is based on the famous children's series of the same name written by René Goscinny. The students also had a French food night and ate baguette, French cheese, and had Perrier and sparkling grape juice. The students enjoyed the film, food, and fellowship following the movie. There is a French movie and food night on campus each semester that is sponsored by Phi Sigma Iota language honor society.

Friday, October 18, 2013

French Women Writers Course Now a Permanent Part of the French Major

Invitation to FRE 320, now FRE 322
The special topics course, FRE 320 Romancières françaises, has been approved as FRE 322, a permanent addition to the French major and minor. Students appreciate this course for its focus on French women's contributions to literature. The course is also approved as part of the Women's Studies minor at Jewell.

Michael Foster presents his paper on Conversational Repair

Dr. Michael Foster
On Friday, October 4, 2013 Dr. Michael Foster, Assistant Professor of French, presented his paper entitled "What did you say? Insights on Conversational Repair in French L2 Reading Tasks" at the 5th Biennial International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Dr. Foster's presentation examined how students enrolled in an upper level French poetry class worked through a series of reading questions in order to understand the poems. The class was taught by Dr. Myers at Jewell in spring 2013. Specifically, he focused on how the students talked through problems they encountered with the poem or the questions themselves. The presentation was well received and he hopes to continue doing more classroom based research at Jewell in the future.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Languages Department Offers New Major in Romance Languages

At the last business meeting, the faculty of William Jewell approved the Romance Languages Major proposed by the Department of Languages. The new major will allow students to have an intensive language experience concentrating their studies in French, Spanish and Latin. Students will have to take a variety of advanced courses in French and Spanish as well as study abroad. They will also complete the intermediate course in Latin.
Students graduating in this major will have strong proficiency skills in the two modern languages and reading proficiency in Latin. They will be expected to complete a project in their capstone course integrating studies from both French and Spanish and will be encouraged to address their Latin studies, if appropriate. Students interested in this major will most likely consider graduate studies in languages or comparative literature.

Languages Welcomes New Languages Assistants for 2013-14

Welcome to the 2013-2014 academic year in Languages!

This year we have a great group students joining us in our languages program. Of particular note, we have this semester about thirty students taking classes with us for their first time in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese and Latin. We are happy to welcome these new students in our department.

We have welcomed to our Languages faculty three new assistants.

From Córdoba, Spain, Óscar Jimenez García joins us as our Spanish language assistant. He is helping students with their compositional writing and leading speaking activities in Spanish lab sections. He earned a B.A. in tourism from University of Seville in Spain, and has a great deal of experience in managing rural tourist development projects. He obtained his B.A. in translation and interpreting at University of Córdoba, Spain. Jiménez speaks Spanish, English, and studied German as well. He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in scientific-technical translation (English, German > Spanish) from University of Córdoba, and is helping students with their compositional writing, in addition to leading speaking activities in Spanish lab sections.
Óscar Jimenez García

From France, Lucie Thomas joins us as our French language assistant. She is helping students with speaking activities, Recital presentations and creative writings in lab sections.
Lucie Thomas

From Japan, Yoko Hori joins us our new Japanese instructor. She is teaching the beginning and intermediate classes.
Yoko Hori