Thursday, October 17, 2013

Languages Welcomes New Languages Assistants for 2013-14

Welcome to the 2013-2014 academic year in Languages!

This year we have a great group students joining us in our languages program. Of particular note, we have this semester about thirty students taking classes with us for their first time in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese and Latin. We are happy to welcome these new students in our department.

We have welcomed to our Languages faculty three new assistants.

From Córdoba, Spain, Óscar Jimenez García joins us as our Spanish language assistant. He is helping students with their compositional writing and leading speaking activities in Spanish lab sections. He earned a B.A. in tourism from University of Seville in Spain, and has a great deal of experience in managing rural tourist development projects. He obtained his B.A. in translation and interpreting at University of Córdoba, Spain. Jiménez speaks Spanish, English, and studied German as well. He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in scientific-technical translation (English, German > Spanish) from University of Córdoba, and is helping students with their compositional writing, in addition to leading speaking activities in Spanish lab sections.
Óscar Jimenez García

From France, Lucie Thomas joins us as our French language assistant. She is helping students with speaking activities, Recital presentations and creative writings in lab sections.
Lucie Thomas

From Japan, Yoko Hori joins us our new Japanese instructor. She is teaching the beginning and intermediate classes.
Yoko Hori

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