Monday, November 25, 2013

Fall 2013 French, Japanese and Chinese Recital a Success!

The fall French recital took place on Thursday, November 21. This recital marked an important event in the history of the Department of Languages: it is the first recital to feature Chinese! And the first to feature both Japanese and Chinese together.

The recital began with the FRE 315 class entitled Introduction to French Studies for students beginning their advanced French Studies. Their Recital pieces were dramatic monologues in which they presented an historical or fictive character from their studies on the French experience of the Second World War. Featured today is the recital presentation of Maddie Douglas who portrayed Lucie Aubrac who saved her husband from imprisonment.

Next, Kazuma Clark in JPN 350 Advanced Japanese Language presented a lengedary Japanese tale presented in his own drawings. Enjoy his creative skills and listen to his retelling of the first part of the story.

The next group to present were students in FRE 320 French Short Story and Composition. These students presented dramatic monologues and short sketches inspired by the short stories they have studied.

CHI 350 Advanced Chinese Language was the final group to present, Yuxi Hu presenting an introduction to Nanjing and Xinyi Wang retelling a legendary story.