Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anavice Jimenez, FRE 315 student, Shares a Presentation and Original Poem

"Pensons à la France..." by Anavice Jimenez

This past week, students in FRE 315 Introduction to French Studies presented their final presentations based on our studies of the French experience of the Second World War. Anavice's presentation, "La vie en guerre et la poésie," had a positive reception from her classmates due to the thoroughness of her introduction to and her writing of an original poem that clearly reflects the sentiments students studied in the poem "Faire vivre" by Paul Éluard as well as other works reviewed in class. She  concluded her presentation with a recitation from memory of her poem. We'd like to share with you today her poem and presentation to celebrate her creativity.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Phi Sigma Iota Enjoy a Potluck Party

Group Picture of Attendees at the Potluck Party
Social gatherings are always welcome at the end of the semester when assignments are beginning to pile up. Phi Sigma Iota, the language honor society at William Jewell College, hosted a social gathering on Friday, November 22nd in the Gano Chapel Assembly Room. Students studying French and Spanish along with Drs. Amaya Amell (Spanish) and Michael Foster (French) attended the fun evening. There was definitely a festive ambiance as students helped to decorate the room. During the evening, faculty and students spent some quality time together enjoying both Spanish and French food, listening to Spanish music, and playing some games. Approximately 15 students showed up at this first time event, and hopefully more will show up at future similar events once the word gets out.