Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 Phi Sigma Iota Induction

Spring 2014 Phi Sigma Iota Induction Program

William Jewell College’s Department of Languages on April 26, 2014, inducted sixteen new members of the Phi Theta Chapter of the international foreign languages honor society Phi Sigma Iota. Inductees this year represent majors and minors in four languages: French, Greek, Latin and Spanish. Annie Birzer (president of the Phi Theta chapter), Joseph Gunn (vice-president), the faculty of the Department of Languages, friends, family and current Phi Theta Chapter members celebrated the induction of new members of the chapter: William Bergman, Hannah Bruins, Lisa Brune, Sarah Crosley, Sabrina Davis, Amelia Hanzlick, Loree Hazelrigg, Anavice Jiménez, Allie Lach, Stephon Jordan Lewis, Jennifer Nelson, Madyson Smith, Simone Stewart, Cameron VanDyke, Moriah Vanderburg and Emily Xouris.

Annie Birzer and Joseph Gunn
After Dr. Susan Myers, Chair of Languages, welcomed the initiates and guests, Phi Sigma Iota President, Annie Birzer, and Vice President, Joseph Gunn, gave an overview of the honor society.

Drs. Amaya Amell and Michael Foster
Drs. Amaya Amell and Michael Foster hosted the ceremony and introduced the initiates who then had the opportunity to talk about their reasons for studying their language(s) and what their language study means to them. Let's listen to each of our initiates.

 Will Bergman

Hannah Bruins

 Lisa Brune

 Sarah Crosley

 Sabrina Davis

 Amelia Hanzlick

 Loree Hazelrigg

 Anavice Jiménez

 Allie Lach

 Jordan Lewis

 Jenny Nelson

 Simone Stewart

Moriah Vanderburg

 Cameron VanDyke

 Emily Xouris

The initiates then recieved their honor cords, certificates and pins. Enjoy the pictures!

Will receives his certificate and pin, and Hannah receives her cord.
Hannah receives her certificate and pin, and Lisa her cord.
Lisa and Sarah receive their certificate and pin.
Sarah receives her pin, and Sabrina receives her cord and certificate.
Amelia receives her pin and Loree her certificate.
Anavice receives her pin.
Allie receives her certificate.

Jordan has his cord, pin and certificate, and Jenny receives her cord.
Jenny receives her pin.
Moriah receives her certificate.
Cameron receives her cord.
Emily receives her certificate and pin.
Congratulations to our new members!
William Bergman, Jordan Lewis, Hannah Bruins, Sabrina Davis, Allie Lach, Jenny Nelson, Moriah Vanderburg, Amelia Hanzlick, Loree Hazelrigg, Emily Xouris, Cameron VanDyke, Sarah Crosley, Lisa Brune, Anavice Jiménez

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