Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome, Ying-Yu, to the Department of Languages at William Jewell College

Welcome to William Jewell College's Languages blog for the new academic year 2014-2015. We will continue to highlight our students' achievements in languages and keep you posted on new developments in the department.

This year we received three new assistants into the department. Miss Ying-Yu Huang, our new Chinese instructor, is the first to be introduced to you. We're sure you'll hear great things from her students in the months to come.

Ying-Yu Huang

Hello, I’m Ying-Yu from Taiwan! You can also call me Rita. Huang is my family name, and it is also the last name of Huang Fei-Hong, a master of martial art. So you better watch out! In my leisure time I like to read novels, go swimming, and play the piano. I like animals especially dogs. I speak Taiwanese, Mandarin and a little bit Japanese. Hopefully I will have the chance to share the Chinese culture with you!

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