Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall 2014 French and Japanese Recital

Thursday, November 20, 2014, the Department of Languages hosted the successful fall Recital, shining the spotlight on advanced students in French and Japanese.

The FRE 315 class headed the recital. Students presenting dramatic monologues and sketches highlighting fictive and historic characters from the World War II studied in the course. Hilary Alden and Rebekah Schaefer's skit represented Créon and Antigone's argument from Anouilh's play, Antigone. Bruce Rash, playing Jean Moulin, made his appeal for uniting Resistance fighters, following Meredith Graves's portrayal of Antigone. Haley Sheriff depicted the life of a French citizen under the Occupation. Featured today is Nathan Graber for his piece entitled "Les véritables héros de la Résistance" in which he explores reasons for joining the Resistance.
Students in JPN 350 Advanced Japanese Communication held center place in the Recital.
Jaqueline Barmore shared photos of her trip to Japan and Benjamin Zelt recounted his plans for the future. Featured in the blog is a joint presentation on Japanese Festivals made by Molly Hutson and Lacey Russell.
The FRE 351 French Theatre class concluded the Recital with dramatic scenes, such as Alexandria Acord interpreting Phèdre from Racine's play of the same name, Amelia Hanzlick interpreting Chimène from Corneille's play Le Cid, and Leah Rutliff interpreting Isabelle from Giraudoux's play Intermezzo. We feature today Jenny Nelson playing the role of King Henry and our French assistant Claire Beswick playing the role of Becket from Anouilh's play of the same name. In this scene, King Henry takes a break from falcon hunting in the rain to question his friend Becket about his views on courage, love, and life.
Congratulations to all our participants! And a heartful thank you to all our guests who came to support our students.

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