Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Students in JPN 212 Intermediate Japanese II Enjoy Japanese Calligraphy

Yoko Hori, Japanese instructor, reports on an activity in the intermediate Japanese class.
Yoko Hori
Our JPN 212 class did Japanese Calligraphy this morning and I would like to share the pictures from it.

This is called “Kakizome” which means first writing of the year. It was introduced at Terakoya school back in Edo era and even though less and less people do it now, it is still a popular new year tradition in Japan! People usually write their new year resolution, poem or seasonal words.

Vijay and Bruce practice their calligraphy.
Bruce wrote 挑戦(chosen) which means challenge, and Vijay wrote 春(haru) which means spring!
Great job! And thanks for sharing, Yoko.

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