Monday, May 4, 2015

Amelia Hanzlick, International Business and French major, Reflects on Her Capstone Project

Amelia Hanzlick, International Business and French Major
Amelia Hanzlick share her reflections on her capstone experience.

As an international business and French major, I chose to do my senior capstone project on a topic that would tie together my two areas of study. By examining the markets of the United States and France, I projected the success of the innovative eyewear brand, Warby Parker, as if expanding the brand into the French market. The goal of my project was to identify marketing strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the French market, and to learn more about the differences between the United States market and that of France.

            The processes of the project lead me to discover aspects of the two markets that I would not have identified otherwise. As the United States does not have the universal healthcare system that France has, the pricing of the product would be vastly different. On the other hand, the gross domestic product per capital of France and the United States is relatively similar and the way the Warby Parker glasses could be marketed does not vary greatly. With similar target markets, Warby Parker could use the same unique branding to market to millennials of the United States and France because each group will value their social responsibility efforts with the “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program and the “Home Try On” options.

            In researching, compiling information, and creating a marketing plan for Warby Parker in France helped to tie my passion for French and my interest in business. With a unique product and unconventional marketing techniques, researching the company gave me new ideas for how marketing can shape a business all while using French. Although Warby Parker would have to jump through many hoops to be successful in the French market, it was a learning experience to examine the possibility. 

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