Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Evan Jones, major in French, and Amelia Hanzlick, major in International Business and French, Present at the David Nelson Duke Colloquium

Evan Jones, major in French, and Amelia Hanzlick, major in International Business and French, participated in the David Nelson Duke Colloquium on Friday, April 24, 2015.
Evan Jones, French major
Evan Jones presented her creative work, a digital story, that recounted her interest and growth in French. After introducing her film entitled "An Adventure in French," Evan played her digital story and responded to questions concerning language learning. Here is the abstract of her presentation:
As a young girl, I used to walk around the house, repeating the pretty French words like “fleur” and “chanson” found at the back of the children’s book about the American Girl doll Cécile. I wanted to be as articulate and educated as the women in this book who could speak multiple languages, and honestly, French is a pretty language. Since middle school, my love for French has flourished. I took French classes, joined French club, watched films, ate traditional food, and read short novels. My teachers always encouraged me to pursue a major in French, gave me information on studying abroad, and reassured me when I was nervous about my pronunciation. Learning French sparked a desire to travel, to learn other languages, to teach my children another language, and to improve my French skills. Through photos of the books I have read, my favorite phrases in French, and my favorite aspects of Francophone cultures, my digital story will tell of my love of French and my aspirations in using French. I hope to travel to France soon and will share photos, with captions in French, of places I would like to visit. I want to experience the multitude of Francophone cultures, their vast histories, the incredible art, and the amazing food. I believe that the world is full of potential adventures, and because more than 220 million people all over the world speak French, having an adventure with them will be much easier if we speak the same language.

Amelia Hanzlick, International Business and French

Amelia Hanzlick presented her capstone project entitled "Strategic French Market Expansion for Warby Parker," accompanied by a well-detailed Prezi presentation and ending with a question and answer period. What follows is her abstract:
Warby Parker, an expanding socially-conscious eyeglasses company, began after a college student lost his glasses on a backpacking trip and could not afford to replace them. This experience inspired four friends to start a business to meet the demand for affordable eyeglasses as well as the need for eyeglasses in developing countries. Andy Hunt, Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa, and Jeff Raider began with an idea and a mission to provide affordable glasses to the world while giving back through the “buy a pair, give a pair mode,” founding and funding the company with venture capital. Their ninety-five dollar a pair glasses hit a million pairs sold in 2010. Now a flourishing company, Warby Parker needs to look to new markets for business expansion. I learned of Warby Parker through their creative advertising campaigns, by many marketing executives who have shared how Warby Parker is breaking the mold, and through reaching out to the company itself. Their sustainable business model, something that I find very interesting, has sparked a revolutionary marketing campaign. In this presentation, I will imagine what an expansion to the European market of France would look like for this company on the cutting edge of today’s marketing by creating a marketing plan tailored to the new market. By analyzing the French market, projecting the success of a new project, establishing brand strategies, strategic marketing, and expansion strategies, I will provide an in-depth strategic marketing plan for Warby Parker. 

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