Friday, May 8, 2015

Featurettes from the Spring 2015 Spanish Recital

The spring 2015 Spanish Recital featured presentations by students in Spanish 212 Intermediate Spanish I, SPA 331 Contemporary Latina/o Fiction, and SPA 415 Senior Research Capstone.
Spring 2015 Spanish Recital Program, page 1

Spring 2015 Spanish Recital Program, page 2
"Una santa experiencia" by Erin Ahart, Tiffany Eldrige, Allison Maple, and Grace Miller is a modern dramatic interpretation of Sandra Cisneros' "Una santa noche". In this skit a man and a girl try to overcome obstacles to their so-called love.

Highlights include presentations by Abram Fernandez and Shea Marcinski, students in Spanish 212 Intermediate Spanish II. Abram recites his original poem in free verse, "El hombre que liberaría a México," about Emiliano Zapata, an historical figure from the short story, "Ojos de Zapata" by Sandra Cisneros. Shea performs her dramatic monolog, "¿Quién soy?" based on the same story and introduces the point of from of Inés Alfaro, Zapata's wife.

"El hombre que liberaría a México" by Abram Fernandez

Alyssa Bird and Johnna Stewart, also students in Spanish 212 Intermediate Spanish II, are featured here. Alyssa's research presentation entitled "Feminismo mágico en 'Ojos de Zapata'" addresses the way in which women can use magic to usurp power and independence usually wielded by men.

Johnna presented her dramatic monolog, "Una entrada del diario" of "Barbie Coa," that describes a situation a Jewell in which her roommate steals her boyfriend because she has everything.
Destini Dulin, Loree Hazelrigg, Jordan Lewis, and Jeremiah Smith, students in Spanish 331 Contemporary Latina/o Fiction present "La lucha para el amor," addressing love and violence, themes from La breve y maravillosa vida de Óscar Wao.
Also in Spanish 331, Collin Heller, Claire Etzenhouser, and Lea Maxwell interpret these themes with a Jewell twist.

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