Friday, May 15, 2015

Jenny Nelson Reflects on her Fieldwork Experience at the Académie Lafayette

Jenny Nelson, Elementary Education and French
Jenny Nelson, majoring in both Elementary Education and French, did her fieldwork this semester at the Académie Lafayette. The Académie Lafayette is a K-8 French Language Immersion Public Charter School in Kansas City. In this blog post she reflects briefly on her experience.

This semester I have been volunteering at Académie Lafayette, the French immersion school, in Downtown Kansas City. I have been working with a first grade class and a Kindergarten class. I have been lucky to have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to use both of my degree programs here at William Jewell, Elementary Education and French. I have been able to look at and compare the Anglophone and francophone teaching styles and it has been a very interesting experience for me. One of the teachers I was working with just moved to America from France and did not have the language, like idiomatic expressions, fully down. The other teacher was an American, but even just from working in a French immersion school, I noticed a few differences between his teaching style and those at American schools. They both seemed to expect so much more, not only behavior-wise, but academically as well, than English-speaking schools. This seemed to be because this is an immersion school.

Jenny gave a more complete overview of her experience in her Recital presentation in which she notes differences and similarities between the French-speaking school and the English-speaking schools she has visited.

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