Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Phi Sigma Iota Induction--Phi Theta Chapter's 70th Anniversary!

The Department of Languages of William Jewell College inducted six new members into the Phi Theta Chapter of the international foreign languages honor society, Phi Sigma Iota.
Members of the Department of Languages Present of the Induction: Dr. Jennifer Colón, Dr. Jane Woodruff, Ms. Ying-Yu Huang (Chinese Assistant), Ms. Yoko Hori (Japanese Assistant), Ms. Claire Beswick (French Assistant), Dr. Susan Myers, and Dr. Michael Foster
The ceremony this year introduced a new program design as well as a celebration of the chapter 70th anniversary. The program this year also included the distribution of awards presented by the Department. Contributing to the success of the day were Phi Theta collegiate members, Ms. Hannah Bruins, Ms. Amelia Hanzlick, Ms. Jenny Nelson, and Ms. Moriah Vanderburg, who spoke on behalf of the languages represented by the initiates.
Standing with the Chinese initiate is Ms. Ying-Yu Huang, instructor of Chinese, who was proud to award the Phi Sigma Iota honor cord to Ms. Jessica Harmon.
Ms. Ying-Yu Huang and Ms. Jessica Harmon
Dr. Michael Foster, assistant professor of French, awarded the honor cords to the French initiates (Ms. Alexandria Acord, Mr. Nathan Graber, and Ms. Haley Sheriff), Dr. Susan Myers (chair of Languages and professor of French) pinned, while Dr. Jane Woodruff, professor of Classics and History, distributed certificates.
Ms. Alexandria Acord and Dr. Susan Myers

Dr. Jane Woodruff and Mr. Nathan Graber

Dr. Jane Woodruff and Ms. Haley Sheriff
Dr. Jennifer Colón stands with the initiates in Spanish, Ms. Kristen Meinert (absent) and Ms. Elizabeth Tucker.
Dr. Jennifer Colón and Ms. Elizabeth Tucker
Award the awarding of certificates, pins, and honor cords, the initiates presented their reflections on their study of languages. First, Ms. Jessica Harmon, initiate in Chinese.
Next, the French initiates, Ms. Alexandria Acord, Mr. Nathan Graber, and Ms. Haley Sheriff.

Finally, Ms. Elizabeth Tucker, initiate in Spanish.
Ms. Sarah Crosley, the 2015 Nominee for a Phi Sigma Iota Scholarship, recieved her certificate and the public announcement that she had won a scholarship for her summer project.
Ms. Sarah Crosley receives her certificate as the 2015 Nominee for a Phi Sigma Iota Scholarship.
Also announced were the senior star awards for 2015: Ms. Amelia Hanzlick (2015 Senior Star in French) and Ms. Cameron VanDyke (2015 Senior Star in Spanish).
Ms. Amelia Hanzlick receives her certificate as the 2015 Senior Star in French.
Congratulations to our new Phi Theta collegiate members!
The 2015 Collegiate Members of Phi Theta: Ms. Alexandria Acord, Ms. Elizabeth Tucker, Mr. Nathan Graber, Ms. Jessica Harmon, and Ms. Haley Sheriff.
Additional photos are available: Click here.

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