Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spanish Capstone Students Present at the 2015 David Nelson Duke Colloquium

At this year's David Nelson Duke Colloquium, three Spanish capstone students presented their work to the campus community, family and friends. Sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Colón, these students presented research and digital stories.

Cameron VanDyke presented her capstone research in a paper, " 'El rey burgués': Marxist Theory Applied to Spanish Modernism." What follows is her abstract.
Abstract for Cameron VanDyke's Colloquium Presentation
At another session Loree Hazelrigg and Preston Felgate introduced their digital stories recounting their language learning journeys in Spanish.

Here is the abstract to Loree Hazelrigg's "Going Commando: The Stripping of Cultural Expectation in my Study Abroad Experience."
Abstract for Cameron VanDyke's Colloquium Presentation
Next is Preston Felgate's abstract to his digital story, "How a Vacation Changed My Educational Experience in Spanish."
Abstract for Preston Felgate's Colloquium Presentation

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