Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dr. Susan Myers, professor of languages and chair, organized a session, “Help! Simple solutions to common novice-level problems,” at the 2016 Kansas World Languages Association-Foreign Language Association of Missouri Conference on Oct. 28-29. Contributors to the session included Yoko Hori, former ALLEX assistant in Japanese, and Zhuoshi Liu, current ALLEX assistant in Chinese. Ms. Hori spoke effectively about using Twitter for authentic communication, addressing error correction concerns and implementation techniques, drawing from her experiences in Japanese. Ms. Liu gave an excellent, detailed look at creating authentic oral interviews and assessment tools, drawing from her experiences in Chinese. Dr. Myers gave an overview of scaffolding and multi-skill approaches to teaching Arabic letters and sounds and also featured strategies for overcoming overfamiliarity with the instructor's voice in French. You may view their presentation here.
Ms. Yoko Hori presenting at the conference

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