Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FRE 315 Final Presentations

The final presentations in FRE 315 Introduction to French Studies took place last week. We had two presentations that asked students to share their creativity with the class.

Lydia Hanman's presentation topic was inspired by our study of monuments in remembrance of those lost in the Second World War. Lydia explained to the class how she wanted to highlight solidarity and sacrifice. In her depiction, we see Marianne, a figure of fighting France, holding a laurel wreath in celebration of the solidarity of the two soldiers helping a compatriot who has been wounded. In the background, she drew a wall of remembrance where the names of those who gave their lives would be inscribed. Above her image she chose these verses from Victor Hugo's Hymne to express remembrance and sacrifice:
Ainsi, quand de tels morts sont couchés dans la tombe,
En vain l'oubli, la nuit sombre où va tout ce qui tombe,
Passe sur leur sépulcre où nous nous inclinons;
Chaque jour, pour eux seuls se levant plus fidèle,
La gloire, aube toujours nouvelle,
Fait lui leur mémoire et redore leurs noms!

Lydia Hanman's depiction of her imaged war monument
For her presentation inspired from Paul Élaurd's poem Faire vivre, Jessica McGowan wrote a short poem about the tragedy of war and shares it with us here. We hope you enjoy her wonderful images.

Nous contemplons tristement les tombes rigides
Même si le ciel devient sanglant doucement
Nos yeux sont graves; nos cœurs tournent dans le vide
Les cendres tombent comme neige, silencieusement.

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