Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Languages Celebrates Graduation 2017

Congratulations to the Languages 2017 Graduates!

At the Baccalaureate service...
Kyle Ainge (French minor)

Lilia Merdzhanova (French Assistant), next to Ana Pedrós (Spanish Assistant), next to Alexandria Acord (French major)

Meara Von Malottke (Classical Humanities minor), singing in Concert Choir

During the Walk around the Quad...
Alexandria and Kyle

Aubrey Churchman and Meredith Graves, French minors

Lilia and Ana
At Commencement...
Claire Etzenhouser, Spanish minor, processes.
Junta Shirai, Japanese Assistant and Math major, plays trombone in the Symphonic Band.

Meara, playing clarinet.
Lilia receives her Certificate of Successful Studies.

Ana receives her Certificate of Successful Studies.



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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Elementary French Students' Videos on Travel Plans

The students in FRE 112 Elementary French I completed their comprehensive project in which students created a video talking about travel plans. In their video, they talked about preparations for the trip, described where they wanted to go and what they would do there, and gave advice about traveling. Featured today are two videos of different styles, but they both showcase our students' language talents. First we have Kayla Harrell, traveling to Saint Kitts, followed by Heather Jackson, traveling to Ireland. Bon voyage!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Theta Chapter's 2017 Initiation Ceremony

2017 Initiates into Phi Theta Chapter
Saturday, April 22, 2017, Phi Theta Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota welcomed 13 new members in French, Latin, and Spanish. Our new members are Kyle Ainge, Erin Allen, Alex Blevins, Lisa Erhart, Lydia Hanman, Kellsie Herrmann, Alyx Johnson, Jacqueline Leonard, Brooklynn Matlock, Grace Miller, Caitlin Myers, Jameson O'Connor, and Elise Pierce.
Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Theta Chapter's 2017 Initiation Program
Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Theta Chapter's 2017 Initiation Program
Here are some photo highlights. Thanks to Dr. Robert Wells who awarded certificates as Dr. Susan Myers awarded pins to our new members. Additional photos are available for viewing here.
Kyle Ainge recieves his Phi Sigma Iota pin.
Dr. Robert Wells congratulates Alex Blevins on receiving his certificate.
Lydia Hanman receives her certificate.
Dr. Susan Myers awards Kellsie Herrman her Phi Sigma Iota pin.
Alyx Johnson receives her pin.
Dr. Myers awards Jacqueline Leonard her pin.
Dr. Wells congratulates Grace Miller on receiving her certificate.
Caitlin Myers receives her pin from Dr. Myers.
Jameson O'Connor recieves his certificate.
Dr. Wells awards Elise Pierce her certificate.
We also celebrated in the cording ceremony four graduating members: Alexandria Acord, Kyle Ainge, Claire Etzenhouser, and Meara Von Malottke.
Dr. Susan Myers awards Alexandria Acord her cord for graduating with a major in French.
Dr. Susan Myers awards Kyle Ainge his cord for graduating with a minor in French.
Dr. David Lisenby awards Claire Etzenhouser her cord for graduating with a minor in Spanish.
Dr. Jane Woodruff awards Meara Von Malottke her cord for graduating with a minor in Classical Humanities (Latin).
 The Department also recognized Alexandria Acord as the 2017 Senior Star.
Alexandria Acord, 2017 Senior Star in French
Enjoy the video of the "Word from our New Members."
Congratulations to all our new members!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Alexandria Acord, 2017 Outstanding Senior in French

At the spring 2017 Department of Languages Recital (French), Dr. Susan Myers was pleased to announce that Alexandria Acord is the department's third student to have been awarded the Outstanding Senior in French award through the American Association of Teachers of French. Congratulations, Alexandria!
Alexandria Acord, Outstanding Senior in French

Dr. Susan Myers and Alexandria Acord

Spring 2017 French Recital: Countries and History

In the spring 2017 Department of Languages Recital, French majors presented original research into the Francophone world to a public audience.
Spring 2017 Department of Languages Recital (French) Program

The students in FRE 354 Twentieth Century Francophone Novel had the opportunity to investigate the geography, history, and culture of a Francophone country that interested them. Below you'll find presentations on Madagascar, Switzerland, and Belgium.
Alexandria Acord presented her research into the stories of the Holy Grail from the French Middle Ages as part of her capstone requirements. In an informative study, Alexandria recalls the myth of the past and its survival into our culture today.
Congratulations to our successful presenters!

FRE 315 Presentation: Un monument des morts

Caitlin Myers, student in FRE 315 Introduction to French Studies, shares with us today her presentation on war monuments in which she used what she learned about monuments in France in order to create her original work. Here is her description in her own words.

Caitlin Myers
Je choisis de dessiner au digital un monument pour les hommes qui sont morts dans la guerre. Le dessin est digital parce que je voudrais pratiquer mes capacités artistiques. Je veux que ce monument soit un symbole de la mort et de la paix. C’est une statue d’une femme qui représente la France avec des ailes et un rameau d’olivier. Elle est la France parce qu’elle n’a pas de casque. Aussi, le rameau d’olivier signifie la paix. C’est ce qui est similaire aux monuments de la Première Guerre mondiale. Elle pointe au paradis pour que les hommes qui sont morts la suivent et c’est pour cela elle est en mouvement. Je choisis de la dessiner la tête courbée en gris pour suggérer les sentiments tristes. La légende donne la sommaire du monument en lisant « Pour les personnes qui ont voyagé au paradis. »

Un monuments des morts par Caitlin Myers

Thursday, May 4, 2017

FRE 354 Students Share Short Stories

This semester students in FRE 354 Twentieth Century Francophone Novel engaged in a creative writing assignments inspired by the authors they studied in class. This semester we have two stories to share with you.

Brooklynn Matlock
Brooklyn Matlock chose to publish one of her stories that is based on the discovery of the another, inspired by Gabrielle Roy's work, La route d'Altamont. In this story she describes an important person in her life, her mother, and narrates a significant event they shared together, reflecting on what she discovered about her through this experience.

Kathryn Shelburne
Kathryn Shelburne took her inspiration from L'Amant by Marguerite Duras. In her story she describes a person who shared in a formative experience in her adolescence, explores their relationship, and reflects on the influence this person had on her life. This significant person for Kathryn is her former French teacher.